Saturday a.m.

Yesterday was a hot one with a wonderful dip in the lake. Kitty and Alex helped a friend pick, wash and pickle green beans for the better part of the morning with my running the shuttle service from here to there. Work was wonderfully quiet with an opportunity to start really thinking about holiday card illustration and poke a bit with looking at Fraktur, images of beans and peas (a harvest image/border). Am working with watering cans for now...and garden glove/seedlings later.

David working on dog stains on the rugs in the house with some amazing enzyme cleaner that is really working, but with the damp rags pulling the awfulness combined with the hot humidity that yesterday had--it raised a stink that was a bit pungent that had me running for the windows for a wiff on a regular basis.

We had a great dinner at the Stonecat on Seneca Lake. I redrew their logotype (which looks very good and strong)--and I am excited about moving the needle with their packaging and image development. We heard that the teeshirts really have been moving for them--(second order this summer) which really floats my boat. Yay. Now for a new website!