Saturday a.m.

A week later and the brain is still pretty constricted. I mean, I haven't relaxed though I must admit, its better than last least I am not falling asleep in meetings.

Things are getting pretty busy at the office. Got a mess of projects for end of day Monday, first thing Tuesday--a few icons (possibly for iPhone use...this will be my second!) and three or four looksees at a website homepage that the IT folks get 3 months for and I get a day to design. Is there something out of balance here? Submitted a bunch of stuff to the Crane Studio folks...and found that as I was working on this submission and toggling between my work and what they have in the current line, that they are limiting themselves to categories that are almost anachonistic as calling cards (which I have!?) and seating charts. People or at least the broad new class of new rich, do not really do these things. But, as Rob points up, within the context of Steuben, Crane and Co. are likely to continue on down that road until the old ladies die, and their grandchildren take up the social moires of a moment in time not known to them or they will change. I would hope that Crane Studio (much like Studio Steuben...a concept often tossed around at the luxury crystal company prior to their sale to Shottenstein) might not keep the same categories, but think more about how the wealthy want to communicate with paper goods...and deliver an excellent product.

I need to gather my sketchbook for noodling the Monday work in while I wait for R to get haircuts and eyes adjusted. Kitty is riding with a friend. Alex is playing golf and maybe the Ithaca Farmers Market and a swim for me.

More later