looking for summer

Gotta make this quick. The wonderbus is ready to take us back to Trumansburg. Was pottering around last night and found that Crane and Company, the wonderful stationery company (rag paper, all cotton paper, engraved illustrations...not quite Mrs. Strong but close second) is looking for designer/illustrators for a new line called Crane Studio with the first submissions due by Saturday (only PDFs). So, I am revved about this...as I have a bunch of illustrations that could work for them from pumpkins to narcissus, from valentines to holiday illustrations...so I could patch something together for that inbetween the design for he next few days. I would love to have a relationship with Crane--as its a good fit for my work, a good fit relative to my small work with Steuben and could dovetail with what we are doing easily and happily.

Yesterday, I signed up for a year of classes with Lynda.com. This is something that I have been jawboning about--and now its time to act. There are design and illustration related tutorials, but also on word and powerpoint which are tools we often need to design for...or even, in some cases, with. Information is power in this case, so I am looking forward to getting a jump on that. Plus, they have a bunch on Painter which considering the classes etc. that are out there, we probably can do it with books and Lynda without having to figure in the travel expenses and time.

We went to the Tburg farmers market and were thrilled with the tremendous bounty of everything from oyster mushrooms (a new guy who runs his business as the Blue Oyster Cultivation) to organic produce, grassfed meats, flowers galore. It is a smaller market, but the prices are more in line, and it is much more convivial and local than the monster Farmer's Market in Ithaca (albeit great--but its more like comparing Main Street to the Mall). Different kettle of fish.

Alex gets picked up from Cornell's Summer Sports Camp in Cross Country. Its a beautiful morning for their scheduled race. I hope he exceeds his own expectation!