Today was more action on the electronic front. Loved learning about pattern brushes and details on patterns. I have messed with both but so much was put forth relative to stuff I keep trying to troubleshoot...refinements around how patterns start in the shape, about scaling patterns within a shape etc. Just great. I am close to finishing my portrait to allow a day or so of pottering around with patterns and brushmaking. Jean and Nancy trade off demos...which is wonderful as each has their own skew, but both speak to either illustration or graphic design stuff. I was messing around with chalk on my room computer to see what they can do...winging it. The new generation of Painter is very cool and easier to use (I think the last iteration I used was Painter 6--so things have improved.

It was raining today...good reason to stay inside. Chris Spollen gave a nice and very "pursue your bliss" speech showing his illustration and now his constructions made of cans and then stripped into pseudo victorian photography based contexts. Nice.
Murray is zipping us through the eighties.

More later.