slow Monday

Messing around. Need to do some publication design today. Am thinking portraits re Hartford and need to finalize one more drawing for the thesis. Shouldnt be a biggie. Rob is out for a series of evenings this I will have a window to finish that up. Also, need to get the show publications completed for the thesis exhibition. I have teenagers coming this week to fold and collate the program and notes. Postcard should be on its way too.

Rob is taking his parents to NYC today (a down and back) for some medical consultation. Poor guy...he is having an amazing work week..But, we had lots of nature with tree pruning galore yesterday. Rob took on the privet hedges while i clipped the wisteria and box hedge. Next shot, we are attacking more of the invasive shubbery that seem to take over. We have woodpeckers loving our new bird seed mix...Lovely red heads with way pointy beaks. I love woodpeckers--I dont love what they are doing to our fringe tree (now proclaimed by visitors as a jasmine).

I had two bags accepted on Bagstab . Take a look and cast a vote for my Wood Duck or Willow Skull. Bagstab is a site that you can upload art for tote bags, messenger bags or backpacks. Voting determines which products go further (with royalties to the illustrator). So, help me out and vote for one or both! Its nice to see my work in the context of what is being shown. Big stuff.