Tburg Farmers Markets on Wednesdays!

Tburg Farmers Market opened last night with great festivity with Mayor Marty doing the honors, drawings and give aways, and all the beauty of the food, the friendly farmers, the freerange this, and grassfed that. Locavore Central. I love this new locavore name as it works for the way I want to shop, cook and live. I guess there are a bunch of us as we were swarming. We got there late and missed the baskets of strawberries...but the new garlic with their long green ends draping over all of our arms were snapped up for .75 a robust bundle. We also bought hot italian sausage from a nice smiley lady who has two kids under two, and the organic meat business blossoming. Simply Red was selling pulled pork. A few wineries were doing tastings and the honey man, wellll... you know how I feel about him! We are so lucky with the local farmers, the new CSA farmers who have moved to Tburg (Community Supported Agriculture), the Amish, the individuals in agriculture and food. And we often have little tables become big booths who then leave us for fame. We are blessed. Then there are "the creative sorts" who sell jewels, crazy stuff made out of used teeshirts (the baby clothes are to die for), ceramicists, natural cosmetics folks. No shortage of things to spend your money on. More hometown pride. Its a wonderful thing every Wednesday to know that this sort of communal thing is happening. I need to force myself out of my lair to get with the people. It's always fun.

Peter Hoover is doing the round two on my paper. Commas in the right place--verbs and active words galvanizing the text. And, he will ask "is this necessary" and the answer resoundingly is always "NO!"