Weekend opener

Paris in Paris. From 7:30 a.m- 8:30 a.m. Paris was a request from Alex. I like asking for assignments from the home team for this portrait exercise. I like this fast work. Makes me think. Not that I think too much, but think to weed and edit. Its funny, despite the fact that Ms. Hilton is a bit of a dope (when we were in NYC, Paris and her sister had a PR rep to position them at the right parties etc. prior to Paris' propulsion into the tabloids)--she is quite pretty and delicate which this picture really shows...You would hardly know she is a bit of flaky, shakey, flooze. Working on finalizing the thesis. Am going to retweak the coloration of Double Happiness. Its getting a bit more elegant with the color refinement. It works blue on blue, but seems to be given another life with the new color/ palette. Need to take a look at the quantity of paper I ordered from Staples to get enough for 10 copies. I think Harford needs 4 or 5. I want 2-3 and then one for my mother and one for the portfolio.

Worked until midnight last night. Up at 5. So, this pace is keeping me in my chair...working. When not working, I am driving kids around, cooling a lot of one off lunches and dinners. Tonight we have the Hangar Theatre and maybe sushi. We may be moving for our summer to the lake this weekend...when the deadlines and life gets a bit easier...turning the evenings and down time to being on vacation.

Need to get rolling. Its nine...and the clock is on. More later .