memorial day antics

We went to the very small Trumansburg Memorial Day parade to see Alex and his peers "march". They were quite tuneful and sprightly--so it was hometown pride to see these bouncy guys speed down the street. Of course there was my favorite, the parade of fire trucks and emergency vehicles... but it was very short indeed. After the parade, there generally is a little gathering of people in front of Word of Mouth catering (as Katie and Tina are so much fun...not to mention they sometimes have some impressive treats to offer!) and we gabbed it up with a wide range of people from a Christmas tree farmer to one of our town elected officials. One of the many highlights was that a family was trying out a Giant hybrid bicycle. Rob and Kitty tried it out with great exultation and happiness. The harder you pedal, the faster it goes! Or, if you pedal slowly, you still get a boost from the battery...and it goes less slow. Apparently when you start on the hills, it pulls you...And, when all of this was going on, we saw 3 other hybrid bike styles go by with an older man and a high school girl. Yesterday morning was hybrid bike day in Tburg!