waiting...and waiting.

We all had a terrific time at the Corning Museum of Glass opening last night. The show, Voices of Contemporary Glass, showcased the new collection that was recently given to the Museum of a life's collecting from Ben and Natalie Heineman. The work is extrodinary as it really is the best hits for some of the most celebrated glass artists since the seventies, but that this work was collected as a series of bodies of work from the jewels to the work before and after that. So, though I thought I knew many of the artists, the context of before and after--the groupings of many pieces really highlighted where the artist found personal traction but the work that sprung at the same time and what was paused or left behind. Interestingly, Rob pointed up that the aspect of design really begins to emerge as a focus in how these artists grew. Yes, in the beginning, they had the chops to actually make stuff. But, the aspect of design entering the work beyond the sheer craft is what took it from a "I can make this" to this is Work-- and it is artful. interesting for me that this plays across many of the arts from being a musician to an illustrator, from a dancer to an opera singer, from a potter to an architect. What is transcendent is that the step beyond craft (or maybe there are many steps) leads to art. If you stop with the craft...(and this is not putting craft down), but if you stop with the I can make it...then the next step which is about refinement, realignment, rethinking, redesign is lost. This second step is what takes the work beyond.

I hope I can stay as engaged in this as i am now with my training. I love these little ah ha epiphanies...that seem to be so obvious, but for me--revelations.

We visited with the architects of the show, Paul and Barbara Haigh, who created an exquisite environment of white and black...sort of a residential world within the white walled gallery space to showcase this collection in a way that it gave a nod to the apartment the Heinemanns live in, and housed their treasures. It was lovely to see them. Old friends from Corning and new artist friends abounded. Kitty and Alex were on fire with the opening. They LOOOVED the glass. They LOOOVED the Haigh design along with catching up with old and new friends (with handshaking, eye looking, funny things to say...) I must say, I felt like I was hanging out with some pretty cool people I never had met (meaning my kids). remarkable. I am so charged (as are Kitty and Alex) that we are planning to go to 2300˚ this Thursday.

We got Alex off on a camping expedition this morning. The HS outdoors club are camping and canoeing at the Delaware Water Gap...with two nights of fun, high jinx, swearing, spitting and italian sausage. How can that be beat? Alex would pipe up and interject that perhaps there could be some cigars and gambling--more teenaged bravado!

We dropped off all of our toxic garbage today at the dump to great excitement. Barrels of lead chips from paint scrapings of the house. Paint. Pesticides from the 40s that we unearthed somewhere. This is a great thing.

R had his eyes checked and got new glasses. I ordered some new sunglasses (the first pair in years...I would say since having kids...17 yrs.(?)). So I am delighted. It is Robs bday so cake and steak are in order. I need to think quickly about a card and card picture.

Must go. Here comes the enormous storm promised. The willow is bending to the ground and the sky is pale green...must shut down