no happiness with this.

Doesnt say Double Happiness Valentine. The Dragons need to be more curly on a frame... like the head...but this is not working...albeit, maybe i can save this as a frame (not for double happiness) but for a happy cat, a waving Buddha, or a dim sum celebration. I have another drawing of a dragon on the board..Sushi Valentine could be fun...or to go back to the family portraits which might be a bit of a stretch. Am taking one or two of the weaker valentines out of the mix and putting these Chinatown valentines in their place. Chipping on the paper.

All on track but lots of time being spent getting hair cut, teeth worked on, feet worked on for the kinder. R. in NYC today with family medical stuff. Need to move forward to get work done. Back steps being rebuilt. Gazebo over the pumps in the yard to have a bit of a cleanup. The town wants us to post our property so they can police the area...but somehow "Posted" signs down up against Camp Street doesnt really communicate the image we want to portray.

Gotta go.