Porcine apologies

It was tactless of me to post the pigs. It was unintentional as I was doing research for a picture of a sleeping pig for a picture to illustrate the Chinese belief in these dormant pinkies being a charm for a happy house. With the Swine Flu on everyone's mind (except mine, it seems), it seems inappropriate. I apologize for my tackiness. I have been reading about this Swine Flu and am a bit worried about the state of the world, the state of the health of our children and the economic spin that could happen should a pandemic roll through. No more sleep for me. I had this before prior to the Avian flu fear ripping through the media. But, this seems more real with our President O making statements, the school sending letters and a high mention on the radio every morning and evening. Frightening. I hope with the positive reactions the Mexicans are having at their airports and Mayor Bloomberg is having in NYC can effect staving off this possible pandemic. The sleeping pigs were cute though..and a picture of one lying on a little pillow with a blanket are cute too.

It is remarkable weather today. Bright blue skies. Cloudless. Bright grass and the frillilaria and daffodils blooming. Shady Grove is relishing her naps on the porch with deep growls in her throat as the passing parade of pooches and people stroll by Camp Street.

Gotta go. Volunteered to help R. out with some typography they need tomorrow. Yikes.