silhouettes on my mind.

wonderful drapery fabric from my sister in law's house. Did I say that I love silhouettes and still am waiting to do a body of work on silhouettes. However, after last summer when my classmates at Hartford abused silhouettes as a cheap way to do a project, I have been reluctant to let this love bubble up. But, here we are,  eight months later and I am still in a later about them. Hmmm.

Have a luncheon today. Rushing to get stuff done. And guess what>? Just like bubblegum on your shoe, this logotype project that no one seems to be able to define "Need something simpler that has more of a visceral emotional hook". So, I have a few more days to see what could pop up. Just had a good meeting to get some better idea of the visceral emotional hook...and think with a dollop of schmaltz, I might be able to come up with something that might work. I hope... 

visceral emotional hook, I love it.

Reworking the double happiness to really work/be designed in  a heart shape.
More later.