We visited my brother and his family on Thursday in Manchester. He took us off on a driving tour to Appleton Farms in Ipswich. While we were there I cajoled the group to go to the Ipswich burial grounds where some of our ancestors were along with some nice examples of urns and willows --1600s style. It's curious though not odd that each burial ground has a local style of popular imagery, language and typography / lettering. The Granery more spirit effigies and skulls and hourglasses-- Ipswich more urns, heavy lettering and willows . The hand of the carver illustrator or the carver letterer. It was a beautiful clear spring day to boot.

Yesterday we saw Clark University in Worcester. Great school but not a great fit with the home team. Excellent psychology, geography and biology. Emphasis on undergrad research and community service. Five yr masters program with the fifth year free if you keep your gpa above 3.25. Only problem is the area is not fab and there was an attitude ( this is me speaking) that was a little prideful and smug. Everyone was a bit too special to themselves.

We are seeing RISD today-- and home tomorrow.