No IF today again.

Its pretty much flat out here with work, kids stuff and trying to polish my paper up and get the work refined, redone or added (3 new). The new ones are the Fu dog, the double happiness (still working on all just have sketches) and possibly one on Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco (with Peonies, and the like)--maybe even a Union Square one with the sculpture and the moon flowers. I also want to do a vector buddah and a vector (but very poster styled) dragon head. I would like my SF project to be a small book of images (lulu) and have enough to hand out at the session. It would make a fun promo...a la PushPin...and is a good goal with a deadline. This is topline thinking.

The weather is glorious with high blue skies, cool lovely temperatures and the green grass is greening up. My big stinky frittillaria bulbs are coming on like gangbusters and the varmints (deer) are afraid of them and thus, they flourish. The willows are that soft yellow green before they begin to blow out. Our daffodils are back on track. And the meat headed Turkey Vultures have returned to circle the tall pine trees and stomp around when they are damp. We had a half dozen turkeys scurrying down the driveway last weekend. The turkeys are prolific this year. Rob had to stop the car coming home the other evening as there were a stream of them, well over a dozen that were wobbling across the highway thank you very much.

The computer is prodding me, I have to go to an appointment.
More later, I hope. No IF. Couldnt get the steam up for it today.