Monday daylight savings time, day two.

I want to do a cupid and I do not have a confident handle on a head and body. After ripping up a bunch of blue line drawings, I figure I should really start sketching this a few ways before going live with a real ink drawing. So, the sketches above are from the sketch book--ink and whiteout--back and forth--thick white lines tapered with the black, black lines tapered with white. I think there is a kernel here...and I love the idea of doing just a bit of random drawings as I have enough to talk about in SF and can be whimsical for a bit. Am looking at Mr. Will Bradley who has a drawing style that kind of bridges the chapbook, primitive illustration style and his florid, wildly linear work. I was leaning over the stove this a.m. with my head in my Dover Bradley book and Rob looked over my shoulder and immediately saw the link. As usual, Rob pointed up the type, the lettering, the bigness of the letterforms. He reinforced how I need to start doing this too. He is right. Really right but another layer. However, I have a dozen valentines since January 1..So by end of April...who knows what I can do. Definitely an opportunity to edit. And more of the pentel brush pen and pentel presto party. Yikes. Too much.

Raining today. Pretending to be spring. Not loving this Daylight Savings Time changeover. This week is prep week for SF. Got stuff to print. Stuff to do for the foodies I am working for. Need to roll.