No temptations allowed

Oh no. I shouldn't have done that. Really, honestly, I shouldnt have picked up that tool and done a little doodling around with it...Trouble, simply big trouble is a foot now.I bought a stack of those lovely clean cut/buttery lino blocks and have had them waiting patiently for me since I bought them. Yes, I have a thesis to write. Yes, I have design work waiting. Yes, I have the Forever (Mandy declared, "oooh, that's creepy"---Mandy who has a me on her arm tattooed!) valentine to finish and the San Francisco awaiting! Plus, I have the SF body of work (6 Chinese inspired images) and the Growth body of work waiting in the wings...But I picked up the cutter and did a little..."lets see if its better than in sixth grade" trial run. OOOOOOOOOOOOH. Myyyyyyyyyy. I think the SF project may have a lino cut or two in the mix. This is so sweet!

Today is a dress rehearsal at the school which I plan on attending to take some shots in advance of the performance so I can stand where I want to...and get the shots I want versus being the polite mommy with a point and shoot (no flash) in the next to last row. And the "snacking" has begun. So, I need to remember to make a mess of snack materials to take over. Tomorrow, I make popcorn, I think. No butter...but delicious.

Hartford has some pre-work beginning for the July contact period. We got a great questionnaire yesterday for the Jean Tuttle and Nancy Stahl digital class that I am very pleased and excited about. There is so much to learn and these women are leaders in this it should be great. I just need to finish the thesis writing and then I can think about this. I am going to send out two valentines (next week) to get them blown up (24"x 36") and gallery wrapped (no need for frame) and see how it goes. I am thinking 2-4 big ones...and then the others smaller....maybe also output on canvas for ease of framing, no mess/no fuss...First things first. I am thrilled as I found my old favorite resource ( forgotten their name) and will be going back to them. They are terrific, nice and very affordable.

Gotta and the lino blocks beckon..