The pictures posted are the new whiteout technique in images that are postcard size. Quick n dirty. Am pushing away at this and then plan to do a peacock valentine inspired by Will Bradley. There is more smearage, and you cannot be as impulsive as I would like...but it is massively quick--blocking with black, laying in the white, drawing and sharpening in black on top of the white. The pace of the lines--black,white, black, white being almost calligraphic in the patterning and balance of the colors.

I am taking a thesis breather until we come back from San Francisco with Hartford. We are off to Jane Eisenstat's house in Palo Alto to see her collection of illustration. We are going to see Communication Arts. There are lectures from an assortment of illustrators many I had seen with Syracuse, we will see David Grove, and Lou Brooks (wonderful cartoon derivative work). I see my thesis advisor and will go through the valentines I have done. Then, when I come back, I will sketch and do more to complete the deck...maybe using the new ink and whiteout technique along with the other new tricks I have started working with.

Alex home today with a sore throat and lethargy. Poor guy all wilty and tall. I pushed water therapy (showers, baths, hot waterbottles, tea) and sleep. Who knows if he put it into play...but part I know happened. Kitty tried on her bathing suit for her part in the play--red with a big stripe. She is thrilling to her dancing and singing with 5 guys complete with silly dance steps and lifts, dips and twirls. Kitty belle of the ball...and she is working like a devil with these poor sore toes that hopefully are healing and will be fine by showtime.

More later, I have to go tend to the pulled pork.