working away.

Got my glasses fixed. They were hanging off one ear and across my nose, an inelegant opera glass style...which threatened constant meltdown. This morning when the lense popped out, I knew today was not optional...I had to drive into Ithaca to get them fixed. So, now. I am right as rain. I can see...and fear abated.

Am making lists and checking twice--trying to get the work done for next week.

Creative Quarterly got back to us. Kitty's portrait and Shady Grove were winners with Shady being a bronze. Two of the Memento Mori illustrations and a crow image were runners up. Exciting. My two girls in the front. Waiting for American Illustration and 3x3 and CA. Need to do CA: Design and Creative Quarterly 16 (due May) to keep it going.
Maybe this hawk image? Maybe as a design versus an illustration>/? hmmm.