Grey Sunday

I had to go yesterday as Kitty was going to have surgery on one of her toes...(unplanned) so I was called in for support. She was a trooper and with this new doctor, a real podiatrist, there may be a solution (permanently) without total nail removal for her. She just has nails that do the wrong thing, and for her to live a life without some sort of ouch or infection would be great. We had a nice dinner at Dijon with the boys making funny stories and eating good food to get her back in the game. We then went and saw the remarkable movie, Milk featuring Sean Penn which was so interesting as it is history during my life. Seeing it in a dramatic context --as a slice--was quite interesting as it created links and made both R and me to project out a bit down to today and how far we have come in one generation for so many people in previous generations who had to live a double life.

Study hall this p.m. Will finish the catfish. Will finish the black printer of the Rose valentine. Will continue to work on trace for the octopus valentine. Will print the Alex reference for the Alex valentine. This week , need to submit work to the 3x3 show, get rolling on the veternary labs work and get the contract written for a job that came in to me (an illustration job no less) when someone was googling. We will wait and see on this one. The vibe def feels right. I am very optimistic.

More later>>(incomplete image...type needed, more color to come)