Out and back yesterday to see Oneonta State and Hartwick. Very interesting and informative. We finally have some energy around all of this for Kitty (and surprisingly Alex). If any of you have high school freshmen, go do a college tour with an information session and you kid will say all the words you would have to say throughout their HS career (your grades mean something, GPA means something, have an interest, have a passion, read). It all went in both ears and registered. I think we may see some changed behaviors. It was nice being in the car yesterday all together. I knit a cap out of some chunky noro--and as it was so refreshing just to do this, I need to keep knitting because I cannot draw in the car.

So, we have today. I will do some grocery shopping and get back into my octopus valentine. I penciled the whole thing in quickly (I think it was an idea ready to be hatched) and was pleased with the original shape--but then looking at the reference and the very stylistic drawing, I couldnt immediatlely think of how to approach the suckers which are very decorative and equally as stylish. So, I just started to ink something in (I am soooo fearless with my new white out addition to the mis en place)--and badabing...I was on to something. Just need to make the pieces and by Monday I think I will have the black printer for this design. Plan on making a swishy water pattern to strip in. Have the piece above (not finished, more astudy for Will Bradley trees) in the works. Need to do Punch and Judy, the India/ Indian Valentine, finish the frog valentine called "sweetheart" and continue. However, if there is ski club tomorrow, I plan on starting the Juan Gris inspired tabletop of takeout food from NYC. Have an approach worked out (came to me in the shower...a "why not?") moment.

Discovered this great site for my bibliography ( One types in the ISBN # and it grabs the book information, alphabetizes it and puts it in the appropriate MLA standard format. Easy Bib also does footnotes. A blessing.

R off on business tomorrow. Back Tuesday p.m. There is talk we may go try to see this japanese puppet troupe at Cornell Tuesday night. From the PR story, things could be breathtaking. Also, a very interesting may open up with a fairly famous theatrical/musical group in Central NY for me...need to play my cards right as this is a Paul Davis moment...a bit twitchy as it could be the right next step.

The store awaits.