Royal Snake: Ethelind

Wind knocked a huge tree down...snapped it in half. And if that wasn't drama enough, we lost our electricity for about 6 hrs to boot. Worked until one-ish last night on Hartford Art School Work...and am slugging away on the valentines to get some reaction in SF. Talked to Murray about type and why I was striking out. One, from my vantage point, the type needs to be designed and integrated into the work. Not PLOPPED ON. Two, the type cannot be the generic "good taste basic classics" that I live in...but need a bit more whimsy, wacky, a bit more illustration than say, Univers. And so, I am looking at all my Egyptian and other more illustrative fonts prior to springing for Latin...which MT recommended and I am ready to buy. Valentines day tomorrow. and I have a dozen more to do prior to making the selection.