catch up

We have been so busy, not a chance to post a note. Friday was heads down work. We went to Cornell around six to attend a big Central New York indoor track and field event with Alex running in a singleton (1000?) and a 4x8 relay. It was quite a scene,with the Cornell facility--gorgeous, with a crowd of boys and girls in amazing shape doing amazing things. The 300 for the bigger schools was spectacular with these boys running like freight trains at startling speed was stunning. The teamwork and attitude of these students was affirming. I loved seeing a slice of New York State under one roof. We had a great time on the floor (versus up in the stands) mixing it up with the team, their teachers and other parents doing the same thing. This was done around 10:30 for us..We rolled over to the Nines in Collegetown and had a pizza with Kitty--bringing one home with us for Alex.

Saturday was a shopping day. Singlehandedly, the recession "the meltdown" should be partially recovered thanks to our vote. First there was a Wegmans cartorama filled with vegetables and bread, grass fed meat (small bit) and super bowl cuisine supplies (read chicken wings, pizza, tortilla chips). Then there was the purchase of ski goggles for Kitty. And then, we went for it. Alex has wanted to learn the bass guitar. He has been talking it up...and if there is a significant talk up--then we invest. So, we went to Ithaca Guitar Works and bought a cherry red bass guitar and mid level amp. We brought it home and he immediately started poking around on it...So now, I need to get some lessons cranked up with someone local. There is, there could be passion. And with passion comes involvement and energy. So. This week.

We went to the Pourhouse to hear the Chokers last night. It was really fun and the Chokers were ON. They were tight, the sound was terrific. Full house--with lots of musicians crowded in to mix it up--

Gotta go. Up against the SuperBowl as a deadline today.