Wintery Mix

Bruce rolled in here last night after we consumed vast quantities of leftovers and I started my second felt ball wreath. I have the technique nailed. Instead of sewing each ball individually, I have learned to string them and then whip stitch them into place. Quicker, less ponderous and same results. With that in mind, I am almost done with the third wreath at 9 a.m with details to refine, but that's it. So I hope to post(may even be this post) the picture of the second one to evince progress and evolution. We got a bit of snow last night, enough to postpone school for two hours to our delight. Kitty was trying hard for a snow day (wearing your pajamas inside out and flushing ice down the toilet) to no significant results. Heavy wet stuff is on the ground with promises of rain and more snow. It is beautiful, with the blue sky poking through the clouds. And the light this morning! It was absolutely brilliantly blue...a bright copenhagen blue radiating through the windows which stunned me. I love the odd and unexpected color palette that winter brings us. I have postcards to design today for CMoG and some big company stuff having to do with logistics and logo usage. Need to focus on this and the non-paying work. That is equally important, and equally challenging. More later as the day progresses>>