Waiting for snow

I am learning more than I care to about the way one can lock oneself down from harassers. The aspect of being a sitting duck to other people's paranoia and rage is a frightening thing...and combining it with eh "holiday spirit" really makes uncomfortable mincemeat in the soul. There is no right or wrong in this situation but more reason and unreasonable, passionate and rational, or enraged and engaged. I am fearful in my own house....trying to protect myself and my own, against the sporadic rage of someone losing control. So, we have locked the doors, alerted everyone about the status, trying to change all points of communications. Now all we do is wait, assume a "calm" and "normal" demeanor, and hope that this blows over for today. Makes me so thankful that I have a wonderful husband, kind and funny kids and a situation that just keeps becoming more and more rich and positive. Not the spiraling selfishness and rage that my friend is subjected to.

Lots of little stuff on the desk for today. We plan to release a 48 pp book to the printer tomorrow with presstime tentatively scheduled for Christmas week. Totally makes sense...its always when you don't want it...but hey.

Am sewing my second wool ball wreath. It is turning out even nicer than the first--and what with the exclamations of joy in the waiting room at the dentist, I am seriously thinking of buying these balls and selling them on esty.com perhaps evolving it into a wreath pattern/kit. This is something I will need teenaged assistance with, but as I have the lead on this with the home team, it should be great. Need to assess the scene with Esty prior to launching headlong into this activity. Esty has been quite profitable (a salary and then some) for some local folks here in Tburg, and I am intrigued by the opportunities it offers. A friend of mine surfaced that he thought it was the new ebay. You know, I think he is on to something. If you are not familiar with Etsy.com give it a click>> Something to think about. I am having mini frissons of ideas on this one. Need to stop sewing these wreaths and get back into the advent calendar which I am enjoying as well. So much fun. Matter of fact, fun is where its at.