First Sunday in December

Just wrote a nice journal entry and due to my flakiness, lost it. I guess it will be better writing and more concise thinking today (or at least you can hope). Yesterday was highly productive. I met with the Director of the Hangar Theatre to talk about my posters and to do a little blue sky thinking about the promise of the Hangar. I am not a "theatre" person but really love the artistic passion and thinking that goes on around putting a production together--which is the same passion around the single person "sports" like illustration and art. The ability to drive excitement and dreaming, the thoughtfulness of how to render a story can change someone's thinking for a minute, an hour, a day, a lifetime. The moment one shares with actors becomes a personal experience that can move you to change, to evolve, to reflect. It is more than an amusement, but a way to communicate broadly about ideas and interaction that no other media directly touches on, without disrespect to the audience as well as the ideas of the writers, actors, directors. It is that generous artistic spirit that really is quite intoxicating. I find it curious that I had to get out of my zone and get this degree to embrace this so fully now.

Alex and Kitty and I did some shopping at Urban Outfitters and then taking on the Mall. The people were not out in force though the sales were good and very tantalizing. Secretly, it makes me happy that I have done most of my shopping from the comfort of my keyboard and monitor, because the random this and that that gets tossed into the shopping cart is significantly reduced so that the presents can actually be a little nicer, and the random quelques chose isnt puzzled over, "now who can I give this to". Online shopping is a time and temptation saver. We got home after doing the rounds (to our dismay, none of the Vans that Alex Cassetti was fixed on worked, so a trip to Zappos will be in order today).

I bought a few wreath forms. Wire ones to make these wreathes (sewn) out of wool balls (purchased from felt and crafts a company in Nepal that sells great Sari fibers but also felt balls (I have the tie dyed ones, the solid colored ones and the swirly balls). The other wreath we saw in a magazine made of marshmallows poked into a form base, and designed in it's white density, and pattern of the large and small white forms. Really cute, particularly with a big silver bow. So, tonight, we are going to watch TV and make these things. Might make Alex choke (the big smell of marshmallows abounding) but he will just have to put up with it. Kitty and I also made some bar cookies, and today we are eating down the oatmeal by making a mess of oatmeal cookies. We got a little bit of snow to all of our delight.

So, plans are coming together for the teen Holiday Fest. I am thinking after 6:30 (no dinner), with a Yankee Swap (more detail from Tom yesterday and perhaps the dress is to come "Naughty or Nice"--bring your own impression of that. Could be fun. Lemonade and seltzer, cookies and Kitty requests some "salty" which I think I can accomodate. The request has surfaced that we do a Facebook Invitation which worked so well with the Sausage Fest, that this will be a no brainer. Today. Def. Along with the wrapping and the boxing that you, my friends, are keeping me from! More later