Gotta Go.

Mid week review. Need to order a bunch of stuff...assess Christmas and what we are doing. Need to order a car service for pick up/deliver for a meeting I am going to next week in the big metro city nearby. Need to get sub makings for Alex as he has a big Cross Country Day tomorrow. Probably will receive my half a pig today (meat, that is) and need to scrunch up everything in the freeze to make it fit. That's pretty much the domestic front.

Kitty is starring in one of the one act plays and a member of the cast of another. Alex is a walk on as a funeral director in another of the plays. Friday night and Saturday night in our own elementary school theatre as the High School is under rennovation for now. So, if you are local, plan a bit of local theatre in your schedules.

Just got handed another blaster project. Frame up a product personality (times three?) for a product with a name that doesnt fit with the industry...complete with slides, descriptors, palettes and fonts. My head is spinning.

The poster above is getting close. A bit more...and then off to England for them!