Monday Morning Update

Kitty and Rob are in Philadelphia for Kitty's portfolio showing to Tyler. I send them both good karma and confidence (as luck is not needed--her work speaks for itself). They called from their hotel enjoying the time together, a nice dinner out, and having a drink (Kitty had water) in the hotel bar. Sounded civilized and very nice for a girl to have with her dad. Alex and I got our work done--and it was early to bed for both of us. I rushed into the school this morning to get the H1N1 paperwork done so that both offspring could get shots tomorrow (or at least I hope).

Holiday wrapping continues. I hope to get some packages in the mail today. There is a lot of work for the major client--and it may keep me from job#2 for a while. I ordered holiday cards from for Alex to use, and a picture postcard for me to send to family. What is great about is that they are in the business already. Simplecards is part of the Modern Postcard empire--so they know about on demand printing already--and have through a really easy offering, an easy interface and terrific pricing for low quantity cards and postcards, make it so that everyone can have custom everything without breaking the bank. And, as I know Modern Postcard, the color will be good, and the production will also be great. Alex wanted a card to send to his XC friends, so we used a picture of his coach and he scripted some rather insider text that those of us outside the group are clueless to make out. I made up a postcard with a picture of Kitty and Alex from their costume party this spring. Good picture of both, and thats what we all love and want from our friends...and family. So, delighted to have an option to the fraktur card I made with (another great resource for quantities over 50. I have ordered print materials for my clients as I believe in their quality/price value. I have ordered postcards, printed greeting cards (all sizes), and stickers from them. I cannot recommend them enough.

Oh, look. Here is the Richard Meyers team from Skaneatlas,NY to install storm windows on 11 windows on this big house. I forsee a warm winter, a tax credit and two busy people today. More later.