We got going early yesterday--easily making Kitty's portfolio showing at the Hartford Art School at 1:30.  It was a positive experience with the assistant dean, showing her work, her new survey and the charms she is creating for her friends for Christmas. There is hope there might be merit money if we submit a portfolio immediately (as jpgs) with HAS. We had a nice look at the student work from their trip to Sicily as well as poking our heads in the ceramics and sculpture studios. Hartford is a very viable option for her.

But then again, with the brilliant skies and blazing leaves we had yesterday, nothing seemed impossible. So, after Hartford, we jumped in the Wonderbus and drove north for about an hour and change to catch the end of the day at Hampshire. What a great experience. We had a chance to see the campus without the prospective students and their parents that the last adventure gave us during the spring Open House we attended. We visited the art sdudios and saw students hard at work on a variety of projects from paintings to a teahouse construction. 
We saw musicians playing in the practice rooms. Quiet dance studios and a film center (newly rennovated and funded by Ken Burns, a Hampshire graduate) were welcoming. We discovered the design/theatre area with a lovely performance space and truly noteworthy seventies architecture. However, the spaces did not strike me as wonderful as the spirit of "why not" that exists on this campus. The people are a buzz with their projects and passions. There are swings hanging from trees that surely were a "why not" moment--and someone going off to the shop to make one. Or the funny bicycles that have been stretched vertically and spray painted for a "why not"> These students seemed to be having a wonderful time doing what they enjoy and love...and it seems to make Hampshire spin. We sat in the first year quad and watched the students go off to the diningroom with a happiness we would want anyone to have. It was a wonderful visit.

We  walked around downtown  Amherst and settled on having a beautiful dinner at Chez Albert. We talked about travel, about opportunities, about learning with Kitty. It was a perfect cap to the end of a very illuminating and exciting day. Today, we revisit Hampshire and head to a two o'clock tour at New Paltz.

More later>>