Thursday's happenings

School happened today. Just snow. Ice has moved on. Got a few appointments today, so it should be on/break/appointment/break/ back to work/ break/ appointment/ break/ back to work...You get the idea. The portrait below is the starting point for an illustration for the Corning Museum of Glass Studio Masters series of shows. I decided to do something methodical this time. So, I am starting with cutting the mid tones, then the two darker and then more highlights. On the side, I am working on a William Morris-y, leafy valentine and a few "parts", birds, flowers, "piece" leaves, a strawberry flower. These spots are quite inspiring as it gives me a chance to doodle around and give me some traction and confidence to do another "official" piece. This morris thing I thought would be a single color thing, but as I get into it, I am def going to render it in color. Albeit, it is not Garden of Eden directly, I may tag it into the work to show to Doug and Murray in March. That's an idea....just do good stuff and maybe it will all hang together. Better to have positive momentum and see where things morph. Now my bright pink valentine is off the table and on to something more modified. Maybe some bright highlights?

Will be working on some small sparrows, songbirds. Love how cute they are. The vector birds are more emblematic/ iconic. These hand drawn, decorative illustration will be more whimsical.

We have been having really nice dinners with the home team. I think it's because Alex has been playing us music he likes and talks about it. And then we are all allowed to chime in and or change the playlist. Last night was Nine Inch Nails and an epic Pink Floyd song. I wonder what tonight's antics will be about.

New in the world of art supplies. If you are a lover (as I am) of the Pitt Pen (as a gal from the 'burg, I always want to spell it Pitt Penn), there is a new add to that offering. The Pitt Pen is a nice portable, no leak, india ink pen. They now have an extra extra fine, and a big fat fill pen (Each Big Brush pen contains four times the amount of ink found in regular Pitt Artist Pens).