this and that.

Digital Art Supplies, my choice for Epson inks, and their remarkable DAS branded paper and their clearance stuff is having some impressive sales on their papers this next week with different things offered daily. They have some nice little watercolor/print paper that might make a great promotion piece (4"x6"). I am also onboard with some printmaking supplies suggested by the saavy art teacher at Penninsula High School (Palos Verdes, CA) who established a glass program for his students. If that isn't enough, he is really plugged in--and is working on a very interesting project for his MFA in Humanitites that connects his ceramic work with Pray for Surf/ and Buddhist prayer wheels. So, we were yacking away and he suggests I think about printmaking using this buttery easy to cut plastic (like the schaedler stuff) Blick Soft-Kut. He said he has a friend who uses this stuff exclusively--for his art work thats in very hot in the extreme market. So, some is on order for me.

The day has gotten out of hand and now its dinner time (or at least time to make it). Wintery Mix expected here (with or without peanuts?). There is lots of hope here (maybe even the wearing of pyjamas backwards and inside out to see what can happen if we will it