Posada and potatoes

I am musing over the Mexican woodcuts and their artists/graphic designers such as the grandddaddy of this group of people, the artist Posada (José Guadalupe Posada (2 February 1852 – 20 January 1913) was a Mexican engraver and illustrator.) and peer, Manuel Manila. In the meanwhile, I am boiling some potatoes with some milk to make a pan of les pommes de terres dauphinoise as my big effort for today. I have taken it way too easy (lying abed entrance by an airport book, People of the Picture by Geraldine Brooks)and am not shifting out of that as interesting thoughts happen when you just forget to think. Thoughts like my thesis, work in general, the concept of the bodies of work and the amusing "luxury" genre and how that has shifted the paradigm for retail, hotel, vacations/cruises...and how I should approach this new shift in my work. I even have a pretty sweet idea for the Baker Institute Annual Report that is green, cheap and really original--inspired by the little I have been learning from the land of Zines. So I plan to float and flitter today and see what emerges from this state because reality is only 15 hours away.