quiet day.

Sunday, ski bus day. So, up and at em. Skibus study hall, or at least a partial study hall is on my agenda. Will be working on more illustration, perhaps coloring some of the inked drawings to see where they go with the Murray Tinkleman 80//20 warm/cool attempt. I am excited to see if I am academic about this...so see the results (as will you in the valentine month of images!).

The trip for beauty and clothes was a huge success. Kitty got a very cute dress for the Snow ball ($10.) with never been worn shoes ($8)--black platforms, ankle strap, flower on the toe. We couldnt resist as there was this perfect dress (for prom) that makes K look like a zillion buck (cost $49.) that is a solid bead and sequin dresss (read dark blue sequins and dark grey beads) that looks like a gem encrusted midnight blue overall. The dress is single shoulder (which normally I hate...but works here), a straight sheath that is fairly modest until she turns around and the back is a basketweave with the open space being just Kitty in the dark grey beads. The dress is slit to 12 below the hip (minidress height). With the shoes, Kitty looks like Motown Barbie...totally glamourous and not Prommmy poof. But chic. Chic for 17 but also chic for 27. We are thrilled. We got Alex 2 wool blazers (each $15) which we both screamed when we saw him try on . With the new spiky hair and the chalk stripe blazer (dark blue) with a black buttondown he was already wearing, he looked right off the Burberry's ads. So we took home a haul for $100.with a lot of laughs and fun. It was great.

The week promises lots of opportunities to be productive and get a lot of things done...or at least moving. R. is going out of town for the Museum to go to the opening of the Winter Antiques Show where the Museum is the featured institution.

Got a turkey carcass with a load of back of the refrigerator vegetables and two leeks roasting which I will make into a soup later today. Pretty domestic scene.

Maybe more later when my head engages.