arctic blast, not a wintery mix

I love these euphemistic words that the weather folk come up with to get us all thinking and understanding future weather.Wintery mix is a optional mix of snow, wind, cold and any and all inbetween. Arctic blast is not a new flavor of chewing gum, its coldcold cold. Arctic Blast is planned for tomorrow. More socks than you can count. Hats, multiple layers and even the fingerless gloves. Final step is the laprobe while I work...we will wait and see.

Went to the House of Health again today. Wonderfully pleasant. A zillion people there striving for health and strength. Then came back and bought some cat food to keep the damned cats from clawing me to pieces (they snag their pesky little claws in your pants to remind you they are hungry and mad at you) or starting their amazingly humorous little trick of pooping in the tub. Surprise! We are pissed at you. So, cat crisis averted. Got a bunch of projects off the desk to all clients...moving and grooving today/ tomorrow. Need to reschedule some doctors stuff as my client wants to have a meeting with a consultant they are possibly hiring to talk about "look and feel".

Working on valentines. Have about 4 in the works...some frames, some pieces, some complete ones that need to be flopped and pieces added to it in photoshop. More to come.
You will see the stuff as we go...just more mileage with the pieces. I have a ton of energy around it.