Recycled Soup

Sketch above a test for the possible Baker card. I was making this with all of the images reversed out of the colored shapes, but the beagle was missing a bit of snap, so I decided to plunk the line art into the mix (just a minute ago) and we have something going. So, the amalgam of animals that the Baker develops cures/vaccines etc. for range from foxes, llamas, horses, hinnies/donkeys, dogs, cats and mice. So, this approach will allow me to mess with the scale and relationships and give them a card that is counterpoint to last years's dachshund with a bow. Plus, this gives us some images to develop some thank you cards, tote bags etc. So, more today.

Working with the Vin picture. Got something going on...and going to burn through some tissue today.Possibly may not have to get out of town for a meeting. We may do it over the phone which would be I can drill down on the work coming through here. Gotta print the Chokers poster today if the touchy Epson decides to cooperate this morning.

Bruce is coming today for a few days of hanging out, punctuated by the Vintage Car Races at Watkins Glen which the boys adore. Maybe go over to the Pourhouse for sandwiches tonight. Got a big pot of "Recycled Soup"(K's perfect name) with leftover grilled italian sausage, leftover rice pilaf, and about a cup of turkey left over from last night, and a cup of frozen peas. And the team will devour it as we have 3 carpenters, 2 tree men, Amanda and Erich for reconfigured leftovers will be delightful.

All the dead stuff is being cut out of the trees. The tall pine tree we have that was struck by lightening is going to be cut in half to see if we can save part of the tree. And there a ton of limbing up from the branches that are over the house. I am going to direct in about 20 minutes before they get going. I am feeling better as the pound of prevention with trees is well worth it with the harsh spring and fall storms, and the ice damage will get in the Winter.

More today.