Remembering Mentors

Last night I woke up and was streaming all sorts of things. I figured out what to do with the Baker Holiday card (excited about it), what to do with the Baker Annual Report next year. I also thought and thought about illustration and just decided (as always) to relax. Just let it happen. What happens in the next month is a single step that will take a year to move and change. Instead of thinking of style...I should reflect on the credo of my college and high school mentor, Arnold Bank around what makes a complete design. He would describe it using the triangle of learning chart (shown above) saying that a design or piece of calligraphy would not be complete unless all of the elements are in balance and complete. One element cannot exist by itself...and form I use as Content as it applies to illustration. You cannot have an illustration without content, design and technique (style). I have got content and am struggling with technique and forgetting the design part. Design is easy, so I should get the tracing pad out and get that resolved--and then see what happens. Don't fight it. Plus, if I take Murray's advice and roll this Garden of Eden idea into the thesis which could be a children's book (16 spreads)--or spreads, spots and page illustration--then its a complete body of work in one hand. Best to focus on that...It's not forever. It's not maybe a more graphic/flat/ Provensen/ Doris Lee/Arnold Blanch/ Matisse cut paper/ indian miniatures/ egyptian and assiryian art combo. Just need to start designing and thumbnailing. I can get a hook into that.

Plus, lets not forget...decorative illustration doesnt mean it has to be a decoration. It can be sophisticated and elegant in very simple shapes--just flat. Hmmm.

More later. My head hurts with this Palin thing. I am fearing the lovefest tonight on the television. Maybe my head will be in the garden while I watch this stuff.