From the pews of the Church of What's Happening Now

Man. The debate was wearing. And, with Obama depicting the virtual financial apocalypse that is eminent, the absolute need to do something versus hurry up and wait became foremost for me. However, with the image of Mr. Paulson on his knees in front of the cozy group at the White House, Mr. Obama, Mr. McCain, the President and various and sundry other important thought leaders, is so abhorent I cannot stand it. First off, lets remember that Mr. Paulson and Mr. Bernanke are Wall Street insiders who are begging for hand outs to help their friends maintain their quality of life and to validate the unsanctioned, (almost?) criminal behavior that have run rampant with this threatening world collapse-- Why can't this be a loan? or Money parsed out as the story unveils itself? Isn't that what you would do for friends, or family or children? If your kids ask you for a thousand bucks, would you just dumbly hand it over and ask for some sort of accounting later. NO. This is the same "take no prisoners" crap that was handed to us with the funding of this expensive and stupid war. Where is the non partisan Leadership here? Where is the touted MBA President (Major Bullshit Artist?) in this time of crisis and psychological shakiness? Do we really need to blindly hand over cash without any strings, oversight or guidance? Where are all of our friends? Where is Alan Greenspan? I like the idea of Warren Buffett buying a stake of one of these failing companies and then putting his brain, his experience and his strategies to bear on this rogue institution. I wish we would have the time to allow this sort of trickle down to happen to really see capitalism move and change with the shift of money and interest. If we get out or over this thing, I truly hope that big changes beyond the bank, big cultural changes will occur. At least I can hope--though we Americans don't really like any change beyond what is on the TV. Dancing with the Stars? Who Wants to be a Millionaire? or American Financial Idol?

Gotta go.