country haiku

I picked up my apples this morning from the refrigerator at the Black Diamond Farm and was entertained by the little note clipped to the handle of the paper bag that held this weeks cache.

"What's in the bag?

Zabergau Reinette
Cox's Orange Pippin

Just the list sounds biteable? Right? Kind of country haiku. It is creeping towards fall...with temperatures in the mid seventies and forties in the night. Everything is holding on to it's greenery as long as it can with the rain that we have had. Mandy and I have seen the two piliated woodpeckers next door. Man, those birds are huge and very primordial in their sharp red heads and the odd way they cling to the tree vertically...getting ready to hammer on its bark. We should see the return of the stamping, meat headed turkey vultures and of course, the flocks of turkeys are quite visable these days.

Everything seems to be on slippery rails these days. A. was caught cheating on his homework paper yesterday, so we are dealing with that here...along with managing it on the school side. He was shocked...and it has been a major learning thing for him..that maybe his pushing the envelope has landed him squarely back in the zone again. It seems that this is the month for him and his friends to push the bounderies from school work to smoking just to see what they can get away with. Makes me want to scream...but hey, I am a minor player on this stage. K is forgetting a bunch of things that really need to happen and I am afraid that my patience has become impatient with her slacking off. I really am worried and nothing seems to trickle into that head of hers. When she is on, she is on...and when she shuts down...she stubbornly doesnt budge. Lots to do on the work front, the Art Trail Front, the house and and parties thrown in. I need to finish up the invitations today and get them in the mail.

The world is also getting on my nerves. The repurposing of this financial "crisis" which has been brewing for well over a year now into something that is politicized--having the candidates sit with the president to work out a plan (who is the financial expert in this group? the MBA President?) is ridiculous and frankly, tragic, given the fact that many americans actually believe that these shills, in their daddy roles, can put a financial band aid on the boo boo and the poof! it goes away. Lets say it once and have it done with...there is no Poof! to this program. More like Ouch! or Thud! It also points up that the dems have absolutely no strategy or tactical saavy relative to all of this. If McCain decides he has to skip the debate, then why isn't the Homecoming Queen, a heartbeat from the President allowed to debate Obama. Or to make it fair, Biden. Have you been listening to her responses she has been permitted to make to softball questioners like Katy Couric? How can anyone take her seriously for Governor let alone Vice President? The dems have got to stop being defensive and grab the reins and start driving the messaging, image and impression of themselves and their opponents. It blows my mind that with the pathetic ratings the president has, the republicans even have a chance. And they do...So someone better snap out of it and get on with it. We are talking less than 8 weeks.