smell the flowers

New News! Modern Postcard has a new option called Simple Card.
Simple card is in place to print small volume, inexpensive postcards and greeting cards from Modern Postcard, the granddaddy of the instie postcards at the best quality. (29 dollars for 25 cards and envelopes up to 500 cards max.). After that, its the bigger quantities that Modern Postcard offers. Essentially, this allows Modern Postcard to go after the short short run work that PSPrint and others offer. So, nice option.

Tburg mens track was amazing. I was ready for another Middle School event but it wasn't. These high school guys are monsters--all brawn and fresh energy that is restorative even from the sidelines. I posted some pictures here>>

Just got a rush rush rush over the internet for me to do. More later. I will post yesterday's quicky ink drawings later. I will be doing some pictures of peacocks in the near future (not for the thesis but good practice)--but for the holidays! Yeay!

More later, I apologize.