darkening skies

Yesterday was hot. In the nineties hot. So swimming was in order, twice...at the lake. It was glorious. And when we weren't swimmning, we sat on the end of the dock and watched the big, black striped perch hide in the grasses--silent. Or the micro patterns that evolved on the breathing water. It was great. The whole day was swimming, drawing, and making a nice lunch and dinner. The wind whipped up and moved the warm weather out of here giving us an overcast day with lots of of big branches and twigs on the ground. Over on Washington Street, a seemingly healthy tree snapped in half to find out it was hollow and on it's last legs, in the road. The temperature dropped another 20˚--so to put it simply, the weather is changeable and getting colder.

I got my illustration to Vin Di Fate with a lovely note back encouraging me to look at the illustrator, Joseph Mugnaini who was an influence on Edward Gorey. Vin sites the Halloween Tree book jacket cover...which is a jewel. Mugnaini's line work has a whole different look and feel. I love the Halloween tree (above) with the intertwining fields, the layers of information, the mushrooms at the bottom with checkered skirt and a series of characters that make up the front of the skull. Beautiful. Now I need to redraw my picture. Recolor and rego.

Have a call with Murray today to see where to go next. Checked on the work from Barry Zaid, another illustrator from the Pushpin Studios that Murray recommended. From a thesis standpoint, I need to break out the story for the book on Creation and figure out what the pictures should be and thumbnail the book. Then I have have a little 8 month illustration party on these images and see where it goes. I am beginning to get into the outer reaches of the zone...and the sooner I get there, the sooner I will become obsessed which is a delightful place to be.