They forgot. They all forgot. No one from the cross country team showed up. Two pans of lasagne, fruit, cut veggies, fresh salsa and two pound cakes all sitting there ready to go. The plates were up, everything arranged and ready. No one. So. K got on the horn and invited some friends over. A. had some of the eighth grade pals come over to listen to vinyl so instead of the projected 15 runners, we had 12 random folks who consumed a great portion of what was there. Lesson: Create handouts.

Working more on the style/look for the thesis work. Fiddling with pomegranates and trees. Hope to paginate the story today...just to move the needle a bit further with very tactical work. Want to work on some other images for the thesis...even if its down to the thumbnail level just to take a look. Also want to pull some palettes to see what goes. Also, hope to send some emails to get the ball rollling insofar as future projects that may loll unless prompted.