Bought six feet of italian subs for boys and boys and boys working on moving wood, organizing all the antiquities in the barn. So all of that, a bucket of potato salad, a huge bag of cookies (by the pound Voortmans), grapes and "the big ones" cans of Red Bull and "the purple drink". Fueled em up. Lots of laughs. The work got done.

Got the book in front of the Johnson people. They were pleased with the layouts and how they fit. We talked schedules, paper, printing, high res/ lo res images. It is going to be wild between now and mid September. Greased Wheels. Need to get the papers for Hartford done...and the sketch for Vin so I can run these all at one time. Yikes!

The poor powerbook is gasping for space. Am backing this baby up to the terrabit hard drive...and hoping to dump a bunch of files and stuff to give this little computer a bit of air.

Gotta go. Going to make dinner...featuring this lovely rice from Mark Bittman's Quick Recipes. I add artichoke hearts and double the recipe. It's really good...and with fresh tomatoes on the side and something on the grill and a great bread thing from Ithaca Bakery. We will be ready to roll.

Cheers. Tomorrow is Friday!