a bright moment

Just got the used, sensibly covered version of Alice and Martin Provensen's The Golden Book of Myths and Legends. I had found some images on the web on the Alice and Martin Provensen blog and got very itchy wanting the whole thing to see the images in context. I have not been disappointed. What spurred me on was their blocky strong design, the unclassical colors like brown and pink (how very Bergdorf Goodman of them)and chartreuse and light blue, and their love of classic red and black figured vases. They use line and shape--sometimes fusing them, sometimes having the line and shape overlap-creating an interesting dynamic with the design. Their people are simple with lots of energy with hand and arm shapes (no outlines whatsoever)often reversing out of the clothes or where it overlaps. Some of their figures remind me of aspects of Picasso's Guernica in their overlap, relationship to other figures, the shape it fills. Very bold and raging with energy.

Murray was right on about these two. Whoa.
More in the mail from Alibris!

More plate spinning today. Had a good chat in the early a.m. with R about the next museum show and the possible approaches the graphics could have to sync up with the architecture of the project. I think I have enough to render some ideas and get that rolling way before we need to roll. I am really hoping to move things along in the next month so that the inclement tsunami of work will not wipe me out. Will post the final illustration of the studio glass artist that will get married with type today.

We are finally redoing theluckystone.com. Not ready for prime time...but we are skyhooking off the look and feel of qcassetti.com as it is so simple and easy to get about. Yes, I will walk away from the "look at these clients, look at the depth and scope of the work we do for them" story as I think people look at things they are interested in and or are familiar with. The big ponderous "preach" might be just that, big, ponderous and maybe, boring? While we were at it, I have put some new images up on the illustration page, mooshed the Memento Mori sections into one button and started a new button as a bow to the future called Decorative Illustration. By next year this time there might be a few things to put under that heading!

3x3 is putting out a directory (syncing with their Pro Show) and I am going to take a few pages to see if it yields anything. Charles Hively recommends an animal or two, and a figurative piece (I guess a Burka?). This will need to be resolved today as the deadline is soon and this is something easy to forget.

Meeting with the Johnson today. Will talk to my new curator friend whose expertise is on Asian art to see what she knows about my new pal, the Monkey King.

More later, have to wake up K and hang up the sheets that are done.