The Garden

Crazy day--not worth getting into the details, but really crazy on the family front. We had a ton of roofing materials and sheet rock delivered for the next phase of finishing up projects happens. R. is here, focusing, talking, engaged and interested in all the doings--so work is closing at a great rate and change is happening as well. Visible change not like electric or plumbing work, but change in the way we will live and inhabit, interface and address this big house. Our boy is training hard for XC and I am on the hook for a teeshirt for the TBXC Deadman's Mile (a race the High Schoolers do through our older cemetery). Another use for the every productive Memento Mori drawings!!
K. is studying and reading. Its hard for her...and she is feeling very pushed...which is hard on all of us.

I woke up early and solved the world's problems or at least came up with some approaches to some work I have on the table. I was also thinking about my thesis a bit and got very excited about the Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden story. I had initially thought that I would use the concept of Visions of Paradise as an content piece for my thesis but the more I peeled away at just the Garden of Eden, the more excited I got about this. Perfection and fall from it. The temptation, the guile and gullibility,the state of grace and transition from simple beings to those in possession of knowledge. The symbols, the animals, the plants and the tree...Plenty there. And there is plenty written about it. Remember Joni Mitchell, "and we have to get ourselves back to the garden" almost as the place we return to upon our physical death. Interesting. And, I havent even gotten going.

Have to go. Its late. Tomorrow.