Barometric shifts

A door banged closed and woke us up last night. R rolled over and was back in his dreams. I, however, had started the whirring I flipped and solved at least half of the world's problems. Shady and the cats were up, patrolling in the change in the air. Ticking claws on the wood floor. The wind kicked up putting white caps on the lake waves, with an ermine sky--with a tiny hope, a tiny peak of a blue sky and a rosy tinge to the clouds beyond. It was pouring early--but I hope it will stay for a while as A has training at Taughannock Park with running on the trails in nature. He was looking forward to it, so we can just hope its not in a downpour. According to A., this is not a problem...but as him mom, I don't love it.

However, I did get my iPhone to sync with my calendar, so that is really good and very exciting. More bang for my iPhone buck. I also posted a link to my illustration site with the Fort Worth Buffalo to Little Chimp Society (a European illustration networking/ promotion site). I have put some of the recent music related work and a button for decorative illustration on the site.. I think this decorative illustration should, instead of just being a category, should open onto a decorative page where the Memento Mori work can migrate along with the little things I seem to be doing. As this is the thrust of the next year, I should give it a real home versus just a click.

And, we all need to think (soon) about the Society of Illustrators LA show entries due mid September. I think the Buffalo, Carol Elizabeth Jones CD, and some selections from Memento Mori. I really did put quite a bit of time in that I should see if there is some traction. One of the shows selected one of its a new year...and a chance to see. By next year, I will have thesis work and probably a good 12 other images ready to submit. I just need to breathe and put my head down.

While I was trying to stop my brain last night, I read a week or two of Today's Inspiration following the life and work of Robert Fawcett and followed an interesting link to the CAW blog Charlie Allen's Weekly Scan. Charlie is very funny in his observations and collection of images (today its the woman of steel, further down is a nice study on hands...and so on). Take a look. Thanks to Charlie and the discussion of hands, I was able to still the whirring gears...and dreamland welcomed.

Today is a panoply of stuff to do: there is the chauffeur service, work, meeting with the college counselor, and moving one kid, picking up the other and working work and phone calls into the mix. Thank goodness tomorrow just has one kid the tsunami project looms.

More later>>