Where are the mice?

Finished up the first go on a small publication we do for the Museum and got the pdf out late yesterday. There are small pleasures in making all the pieces fit wheither it be a story too long or too short that have too many images or not enough. The redesigned grid works like a charm and is urban cool without it being unapproachable. So, that is on it's way. Need to work on a thankyou card for a client and some pretty scary charts/informational graphics that need to communicate some fairly "inside" information in a way inspired by three flipchart pages that sit atop my pile. Deep breath. I am probably making more of this project and just need to step into the mire and start swinging. Always feel better with action. I keep hoping the mice will do it when I am sleeping like the Tailor of Glouster. Nothing this morning!

Got out to Sheldrake to find our very important neighbor perched feet from our door with a computer picking up our wireless connection. There were complaints that the other signals they were pirating no longer existed so of course they were going to get ours. There was an air of absolute entitlement which, for this gal, really lit my fire. I don't know why this really ticks me off, but it is an invasion of privacy and the fact that the neighbor acknowledged we "caught her" versus just asking permission feeds my feelings. I have never really considered putting a password on our wireless connection, but now is the time. Or just unplug the wireless equipment before we leave the house. I have a real problem with privacy and entitlement. Big time.

Later that evening, we were eating leftovers disguised as pasta (which our boy A was shovelling in , platefuls) and a german lady came up on the porch and asked if we were renting rooms. No, sez us (thinking all the while that maybe we could get $80 for a night in our guest room, old sheets, clean towels) but let us help you find a place--which R did happily, drawing maps, calling our friends in Tburg for a late reservation. That was fun running the Sheldrake Triple A.

No new monkeys. I did one yesterday that I will scan and drop in later. More monkeys today. Kinglike monkeys...Monkeys in clouds. More farting around...but monkeys galore. I am enjoying this decorative world. Fun. Permission not to know how to draw....I guess.

More later>