a blurrrrrrrrr........

This is Hartford's class of 2008. We started the day talking about pulp fiction covers with Vin Di Fate with a quick review of the project due mid September and mid October. I was feeling shaky about it until I spent some time in the car with Randy Elliot who pushed me around to thinking about how to make it a fun project. It is either a movie poster for Marie Antoinette or the chinese movie about the Monkey King...(I am leaning toward the King). Thanks Randy!

We had our Ted and Betsy crit on Friday--basically all day with all sorts of interesting and very viable books being presented. It was remarkable to see the breadth and depth of the various comps--that it was a boost for each individual and the group in general. The crit went from about 9:30-3:00. We rushed back to throw our clothes into our suitcases and dress for the closing reception of the thesis work and the lovely dinner at the 1877 Club (where the fixe prix lunch is served--complete with white tablecloths and napkins). There were awards, speeches and happy talk. Ron Mazellen outdid himself with his remarks making points with delightful personal stories and reminding us to hold to the 3 "C"s which makes great illustration and life in general advice.

Three Cs:
> Do not Compare
> Do not Complain
> Do not Conclude--you never know.

There were tons of hugs and tears with Dean Power Boothe reminding us that this was not a traditional graduation and that this love fest was planned in the nude (NOT) for next year. I am googling for a nice red burka with the logotype embroidered on it...
Goodness! Its only a year away with a block buster scary class. Should be good...but on rails.

We gathered poolside at the dorm (Residence Inn, Avon) and ate and drank and talked until the wee hours. I had the pleasure of tales of Murray and Ted, Carol and Betsy and their fun times particularly at Coney Island with the geeks and freaks show. I love these people. They tell even better stories than the books they seem to constantly spin. I would love to join their tribe. Ted and Betsy are off to Iceland to see and photograph the puffins. I am so Jealous!

Rode home with Randy Elliot, a star inker and illustrator in the comic book world. Randy is a high energy, really bright guy with lots of ideas and insight. I was tired and was trying to talk and fell asleep mid sentence waking myself up and connecting what was going on in my brain with what was coming out of my mouth...not cool...and Randy was a jewel with my dysfunction. I finally woke up...and we had a great talk about him, his family, his work...and the energy he got from the week. It really made the time zip by. Plus, I had a chance to meet the real Tomboy! (the subject of his book and 1/2 of his super gal book). She is better than the poem--a real can do, smart and funny girl.

The home team picked me up from Randy's--and we had a quick dinner in Skaneatlas at Doug's Fish Fry...and we gabbed all the way home. I put my head down around 8 after a swim with both kids, a husband and a waterdog..and didnt move until 8 a.m. today. We got A. to Cornell for his 4 days of Cross Country training. He was thrilled to see us go! I hope it proves to be fun.

One more time in the beautiful lake with a chat with Princess Kitty...with a wet dog and a hot, shedding cat and now we are here.

Gotta go>> more later