Harry Clarke

In the spirit of my puzzling on decorative illustration, I went from Walter Crane, to Kay Nielsen to discovering Harry Clarke, a stained glass designer from the 1880's through to 1931. He is very decorative and is reminiscent of the divine Aubrey Beardsley in his line and spirit. However, Art Nouveau was on the way out when he came on the scene...and maybe we do not know him as well as he was one of those spirits that are lost in-between? I love this work...the patterned black and white, with borders that bleed into the picture, his strong black and white patterning even in the bolder images...and the way his love of line and pattern and border push into his color work...never enough stuff to fit in the frame. Need to learn more about him. Maybe go this noodly for the Marie Antoinette pictures. That would be new...and a bit more of a push? What do you think? This is a gumdrop for you!