Day Two: Week One

Long first day. Nice discussion about thesis--the expectations, the schedule, the citations and writing style, what is central and what is secondary. It was significantly better than the other institution as it is so focused on content, process and and clarity. No messiness at Hartford. There was a nice selection of papers to read and absorb from last year for us to look at. A good range of work, a good consistency of papers and strong, strong work. I am freaked out..but under control...I just need to focus on the work. We had a long day with Dennis Nolan and Bunny Carter who opened their conversation with their illustration lineage back to Howard Pyle, with Dennis showing off and going further back (as Bunny joked, that Dennis could trace his lineage back to the cave painters--and you know, he might be able to do that!). We all showed our six images with a great selection of projects with solid work all around. Everyone worked very hard to have stuff to show. I showed my pix and though the content and idea is good, and the general pictures are okay--the frames all need to go and I need to open up my head and see where it goes to...which, is fine by me. More work to me means better work. It took the better part of the morning and afternoon to go through all 20 student's work. Bunny and Dennis gave tremendous input with an ability to push each one of us...some more than others to improve. Tonight we need to pick one of the images and produce 50 thumbnails investigating composition and point of view. Scanned in for first thing tomorrow. I need to move on this.

Jim Carson was as usual interesting and fresh with the Business of Illustration. Nancy Stahl was inspiring in her work, her clear methodology and her breadth of projects. Don't have much time to chat now...the fifty await. Our day starts at 7:45 a.m. and that isnt far away.