slow morning

I think there is definitely something here>>I love the idea that one can take notes, listen to a lecture and if you want, listen to the lecture again. I love it that there are podcasts on art already accessible on the web. Why not chunk out the History of Illustration and have a representative few postcasts on an illustrator or two (one obscure, 3-4 "known" like Rockwell, Gibson, Leyndecker, Cooper Studio?) posted with images to the Hartford Website (and also that of Tinkelman Studios) to really get some attention. Maybe this isn't a university thing, but maybe that of SOI--in the advancement of the understanding of illustration, illustrators and the world they live in, the vision they have and change? The Rockwell Museum could do it and use it as a way to drive attention and credibility beyond the small community it attracts and speaks to.There might be an interview or two with illustrators that are specialized like children's books, storyboard, character developer or even with the great art director from the New Yorker. it might cost a bit, but would be a gift. I also think, it would be a way to broaden all of our understanding of this field--and how it all isn't editorial work, covers of magazines, or almost passe applications that with the changing media--so the need for illustrators to be informed, educated and involved to be able to practice their art (and craft) in a viable way.

It all comes down to relevance. R mentioned the aspect of relevance with regard to an older friend whose career was based on a powerbase that is no longer here, doing things that are really no longer important or significant. With all of those pieces having lost their power, their position, their relevance--all that this man is/was has no more import. That is, if you base today on the activities of yesterday. We all need to stay relevant--relevant each day looking forward, which pushes us to stay current with media, clients, where the money is spent and how it is spent, and the voice of the time. Illustration as a practice must stay relevant or it will be relegated to a place where printing presses used metal type and engravings. I feel that illustration is as relevant as it has been since cave dwellers just might not live in the business world in the same categories as it has since advertising and print has come on. Thus this nod to the podcast.

Hot and still this morning. Summer has arrived with a blast. We are putting up hanging baskets and clothes lines for wet towels. I have a batch of muffins going as the home team devours them all week as they struggle to get out of bed and out the door to school. Making is faaaaar cheaper (and better) than buying. I am seguing to almost all "from scratch" food. Not a huge move...but a bit more. I cannot wait for the local stands to open up with the produce from the backyard. The Trumansburg Farmer's Market opens this Wednesday (the elegant Ithaca has been open since April with both Saturday and Sunday open now) with 27 vendors including grassfed meat, a smoked meat vendor, of course the local CSAs (Community supported agriculture)--and the wonderful blueberries. Bring on the heat because that brings on the agricultural wealth.