Winding up

Allergies and a nasty dry cough is keeping me down. I feel a tiny bit terrible...but not enough to send me to the land of horozontality...just bad enough to make the day to day hurt. Urg.

Last night's concert was good. Lots of singing and playing (2 hours worth) with lots of smaller groups, lots of solos, lots of kids--all of them bigger than the last year--amazing to see the change.We came home and discussed the concert and all the social dynamics of the eighth graders, boy/girl interaction and the whole pack think that goes with the eight grade girls. It is fascinating to get my head into the whole middle school thing that has been decades past. It is interesting to try to walk in the eighth grade shoes--without the erosion that goes with age, time and experience.

I am back on with Marie Antoinette. I started reworking some of the ideas I had, thinking about frames, shapes, layouts and the way they all play together along with the color, pattern and line I want to work in. I pushed the original picture of her peeking out from behind a fan into a heart shape(I love valentines and thought I would like to do a group of valentines at some point) and the shoe could be captured into a group of 3 the shapes could be a driver to these images to add another aspect. I am tracing the original drawings (working 2"x3" or so) and continuing to trace the tracing...and think that refinement will happen but still be rough for the first presentation of the 6 Dream Project images.

Finished up the Grassroots poster for the Chokers. Just need dates and times --and it will be done. Finishing up the buffalo and started the grackle (see above) for another Texas picture. The grackle and a prickly pear cactus...with a beautiful prickly pear blossom. It is a slightly different layout than the usual. Got 6 new big frames in prep for the new big images for the Art Trail. Once again, I know October is months away...but it feels like it's right in front of us and need to put some new images up to seem like something has changed in the last year. I will need to get into this soon-- as it is something I am not going to want to deal with October 1.

More later>>